Professional Development is as Easy as One, Two, Three

Who has time for professional development? In my humble opinion, we should all make time. Professional development can add to your skill set and knowledge base giving you more credentials within your organization. Great sessions can give you a view into future trends giving you and your organization an edge on the ever changing environment; increase your productivity – the more productive you are the more valuable you are to your clients and your organization; and professional development can make you more effective and efficient. Best of all, gaining great professional development can be as easy as one, two, and three.

One, read what a handful of the presenters of the HandsOn Twin Cities Summit say you will gain by attending their sessions.

“The biggest takeaway Summit participants will have by attending my session is an increased knowledge of their core values, unique skills, and personal networks and new ways of thinking about how these work together to create an impact and make a difference with our lives.”

Heather Whelpley
Senior Manager, Talent Management | HR Organization Effectiveness, Development & Inclusion

“Most people can name an innovative leader, a strong leader, and a collaborative leader, but cannot describe themselves as a leader. In my session, participants will learn more about identifying and building their own leadership brand, and will be provided tools to help kick-start their self-discovery journey.”

Megan R. Reinbold
VPI Service Engineering Leader, Cummins Power Generation

“How to increase strategic flexibility to be better prepared for the future – even when you’re not sure what the future holds.”

Trevor McKinnon
Global Product Manager, 3M

Two, register to attend. HandsOn has made it easy to register in order to participate. Here is the link to the sessions and registration info.

Three, choose which sessions you want to attend. This may be the hardest part, because they are all so good. Think about bringing colleagues too, so you can each attend different sessions and then exchange notes.

HandsOn has made gaining professional development simple for you – spend a day on a beautiful college campus and take in the wisdom and expertise of experts from a variety of fields. I promise by the end of the day you will feel rejuvenated and brimming with ideas for your organization, your program and yourself.

Join HandsOn Twin Cities for the Summit on Tuesday, July 25 at Hamline University. You may choose to attend from twenty diverse, impactful and enlightening sessions. The workshops fall into two tracks: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and Personal and Professional Development. We all need to take the time to step away from the day to day to gain perspective and learn from each other.

The HandsOn Summit brings professional development to you in three easy steps.

Zeeda Magnuson
Associate Director
HandsOn Twin Cities
612-379-4900 ext. 13

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