Spotlight on the 2016 HOTC Skills-Based Summit


We at HandsOn Twin Cities know that great nonprofits seek “what is next” in trends, tools and training.  The Summit continues to offer a venue for great learning in an atmosphere of win-win.  Through the Summit, strong organizations seek and find resources to positively impact more clients, and appreciate the information from the presenters who give them ideas on how to leverage those resources.

On Thursday, August 4, over 125 participants had the opportunity to attend presentations with topic choices ranging from “Developing Brands with Purpose”  “Coaching for Success”, “Strategic Partnering for Impact:  Leveraging Corporate Skilled Volunteers”,  “Ideas in 3D”, and so many more.  In total, sixteen presentations were delivered by twenty-two content experts.

Melissa Brandel of Goodwill Easter-Seals was one of over 100 attendees and portrays her favorite sessions below.

What Did I Learn from Jimmy Carter? | Presented by Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory was invited to attend the President and Mrs. Carter’s 2016 Carter Center Weekend. Michael’s presentation combined his experience meeting former president Jimmy Carter, sharing how the Carter Center is advancing human rights and discussing his passion for peaceful resolutions to conflict. Perhaps Jimmy Carter said it best, “To be true to ourselves, we must be true to others.” At the core of what Michael teaches is how we can inspire others. It’s through this value that he resolves conflict through building relationships, actively listening, having an open discussion and negotiating. Because at the end of the day, conflict is much like a coin, it has three sides, your side, my side and the truth.

Video: Love in the Answer

Effective Training for Volunteers & Employees | Presented by 3M

Effectively training volunteers and employees is always worth the time and energy. Properly training volunteers and employees allows them to be effective faster, improves engagement and increases the overall experience they have with the organization. Several tools that can be used to aid in training include, job aids, simulations, checklists, shadowing and teaching others. Creating a safe environment is a must when teaching adults. Many adults are afraid to fail and learn better in an environment that allows for practice and exploration.

Thank you again to our sponsors: 3M, Hamline University, Cummins, and the Corporate Volunteerism Council for their continued support for this event and volunteerism throughout the Twin Cities.




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