Volunteer Spotlight: Ann Quiring

IMG_1529Ann Quiring of Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute

This post was originally written  by James Olson as a submission for our Be the Change Awards.

Ann exemplifies the integral role that volunteers play in all aspects of students’ lives at the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute.  When sitting down with a student she asked about his/her day.  The student responded “It’s been tough.  Kids at school are blaming us for Paris.” Ann’s student was Muslim.  Ann went on to console the student and explain that many people did not feel that way.  However, Ann wept on her way home, moved by the exchanged.  We then asked Ann to tell her story to a room full of donors and supporters.  Although nervous, Ann told the student’s story as an exemplification of how much a tutor can mean in a student’s life.

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