Volunteer Spotlight: Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh of We Can Ride

This post, written by Laura Potter of We Can Ride, was originally a submission for our annual Be the Change Award.

Bill helps as a sidewalker, leader and barn aide in our therapeutic riding program.  He also helps as a horse feeder, helps at special events, helps with fundraising committees and barn maintenance. He helps riders stay positive, focused, challenged, engaged and safe while riding their horse.

Bill has a way of making every single person feel special.  Our riders have special needs and disabilities and he treats them just like a part of the team.  His respect for the riders, volunteers, staff and horses is outstanding.  He is willing to help out no matter what the task is and at short notice. So many other volunteers have been impacted positively as he has a way of working with people and making them see the world in a more positive manner. There have been volunteers that are struggling or thinking about quitting and when I ask them why they have stayed, they always answer with Bill. He is one of our shining stars that makes being a volunteer coordinator worth it!

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