Volunteer Spotlight: Shelley Nerdahl

ShelleyShelley Nerdahl of Second Harvest Heartland

This post was originally a submission for our Be the Change Award. Post written by Jessica Swanson

Shelley is a one of a kind volunteer and Second Harvest Heartland is so thankful to have her as a volunteer.  At first Shelley said she would probably be around for six months and two and a half years later, she is still volunteering with us every Monday. She was brought on for a data clean-up project and once completed asked “what’s next?”

By taking on these highly-detailed projects, her 300 hours of service has made a tremendous impact on the tidiness of our database.  We are able to run reports more efficiently and respond to needs more effectively because of the projects she has completed.  She has expanded the capacity of our staff and is always willing to take on another project.

She is a quick learner and always starts off our week on a high note with her positive energy! Thank you, Shelley!

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