Volunteer Spotlight: Berrit Johnson

Berrit Johnson of We Can Ride

This post was originally a submission to our Be the Change Awards. Written by Laura Potter.

Berrit is a little go-getter! She helps out above and beyond what she is signed up for. She is a hard and dedicated worker. She is so motivated to help out with whatever the task at hand is. She jumps at any opportunity to learn more about horses, horsemanship and working with people with disabilities and special needs. Other volunteers and staff adore her and she always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She has been a star volunteer that makes us shine ever since she started volunteering with us.

Among her many talents, she is a side walker, leader and helps in the barn in our therapeutic riding lessons.  She helps take care of the horses and helps our riders with special needs and disabilities stay safe, focused, engaged and supported while they are riding.

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