Make a Difference Day 2015

Beckman Coulter & community member volunteers!

Beckman Coulter & community member volunteers!

Annually, on the fourth Saturday of October, millions of volunteers across the nation come together to make a difference in their communities. Make a Difference Day is a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors and individuals coming together to improve the lives of others. On this national day of service, anyone, regardless of age or resources, can make a difference through large organized volunteer events, or simply by helping a neighbor. Make a Difference Day celebrates making a difference on both large and small scales.

This year, HandsOn Twin Cities partnered with Beckman Coulter, Mississippi Park Connection, and Mississippi IMG_5077National River and Recreation Area to help restore Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park. Buckthorn, one of Minnesota’s most invasive species, has taken over several areas of Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park; over 40 Beckman Coulter & community memberĀ volunteers participated in clearing half an acre of buckthorn. Way to go everyone! There efforts will help restore the woodlot back to its natural habitat.

How did you get out and volunteer on Make a Difference Day??

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