Join HandsOn Twin Cities to develop the Volunteer Expo at Mall of America!

In the realm of nonprofits, the skills-based volunteer is a buzzword we often hear about, especially when it comes to tapping into resources that are under-utilized, if at all.  But what exactly qualifies as a skill-based volunteer?

A skill-based volunteer is someone that brings experience and expertise in a particular field or task to the work of the nonprofit on a volunteer basis.  These opportunities can range from helping to balance the books with a volunteer who brings CPA experience, to educational public speaking opportunities for those who have expertise in that area.  Grant writing, nursing, cooking, graphic design, and marketing assistance to organizations can be invaluable for the growing nonprofit with limited funds and staff, and a fantastic way for any agency to involve their skilled communities.

DSC_0044Often, the skilled volunteer will work, or has worked in the field of expertise; this brings first-hand knowledge of the task at hand, and can offer a golden opportunity to make connections in the for-profit business world.  Many nonprofits have been seeing great returns for bringing on skilled volunteers, not only in the tasks completed, or the ease of training them, but also in the burgeoning partnerships that result.  Funding, sponsorship, in kind donations, service partnering, or even more skill-based volunteers can bloom from one partnership with a local business to an international corporation.

Here at HandsOn Twin Cities, we work to facilitate these relationships by connecting volunteers from all over the community to the missions at work in our neighborhoods.  Our 11th annual Volunteer Expo is our keynote event every February to accomplish this.  Connecting over 90 nonprofits with thousands of prospective volunteers at the Mall of America has truly been a huge success for the past decade, and we’d like to kick off this next decade with a bang!

To do this, we want your expertise.  We’re looking for individuals within the nonprofit sector, the corporate community, and the Twin Cities metro volunteer population for skilled assistance with putting on this energetic event.  We have three skill-based volunteer committees that will help HandsOn Twin Cities make this event all that it can be.

Speed-Volunteering: Brainstorm and coordinate family-friendly volunteer opportunities for that can be done in a few minutes!  These volunteer tasks will be done by the mall-goers to get them involved and see how easy volunteering can be.  These committee members will have volunteer experience, and personal or business connections to nonprofits in the metro-area.

Awards: Recognizing outstanding nonprofits, exceptionally involved corporations, and the most dedicated volunteers is a huge part of what makes the Volunteer Expo a success.  This committee will review the current awards, nomination standards, review nominees, and choose winners of the awards who will be presented at the Expo.  The Awards committee members will have volunteer experience and attention to detail.

Sponsorships: Of course, this event would be nearly impossible without the help of our community partners and sponsors.  This committee will work to strengthen our existing pool of in-kind and monetary sponsors, as well as recruit new sponsorships from companies that want to see the metro-area engaged in volunteer work.  These committee members will have corporate experience or connections, an easy relationship building attitude, and lots of energy!

Why should I join an Expo committee?

  • Join us if you like to brainstorm, give advice, and if you are willing to do some investigation
  • You will be participating in a skill-based volunteer opportunity
  • It has a short project timeframe
  • To network with the other committee members
  • Help HOTC staff shape three important components of the event
  • Added benefit for affiliates: receive a 20% discount on your 2016 affiliate fee

Schedule and Time Commitment

  • The commitment is between 15-25 hours over the next five months.
  • Meetings will take place on Thursdays at the HOTC office. There is also a call-in option.
  • Meeting schedule: Each meeting is scheduled from 2:30-4:00 pm
  • October 22
  • November 5
  • November 19
  • December 3
  • December 17
  • January 7
  • January 21
  • February 4
  • February 18

Event:  Saturday, February 27, 2016

Contact:  Lacey Carlson if you are interested in serving.  612-379-4900 ext. 10;

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