Amanda Wanous, Facilitating Learning through Play

Each month, we highlight a volunteer making a big difference for one of our affiliate partners. This month, we are pleased to honor Amanda Wanous, a dedicated volunteer at the Minnesota Children’s Museum in St. Paul.

By: Kim Nienstedt, Minnesota Children’s MuseumAmanda Wanous Photo

Amanda is truly an amazing volunteer and an essential part of our community at Minnesota Children’s Museum. As a Playologist, Amanda goes above and beyond what is required of her in her volunteer position. For example, the Playologist volunteer commitment is only 10 shifts, but Amanda has stayed at the Museum for an incredible 54 shifts and counting, with a totally of 180 hours contributed. With that being said, it’s not even the numbers that make Amanda stand out. As a Playologist, Amanda is able to showcase her love of learning by helping Minnesota’s children do the same. Each Sunday morning Amanda comes in to volunteer, the Museum is typically at its highest in visitor attendance. Amanda facilitates different educational activities while she is here and also does free play throughout the exhibits. She immerses herself in play in each of our galleries and not only makes the children have fun, but she also becomes a guiding link for each child to learn something new each time they visit.

Throughout her two and a half years as a Playologist and recently Free Sunday Team Leader, Amanda has showcased incredible leadership and customer service skills that make our Museum community that much more enriching for our visitors. Because of Amanda’s leadership, other volunteers are helping children learn even more effectively, allowing our Museum community to develop and grow. Amanda’s ripple effect on our volunteers has made her an incredibly outstanding addition to our volunteer community.

To learn more about how to get involved with the Minnesota Children’s Museum, visit their website at

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