2014 Summer Volunteer Guide: Be The Change

The 2014 Summer Volunteer Guide brings you more than 50 opportunities to make a difference this summer—from projects you can do at home to volunteering at a summer camp. Through these projects, you have the chance to make an impact on youth, seniors, the environment, and so much more.


Each opportunity is organized by theme, and lets you know what to expect and who to contact. We also let you know which opportunities are suitable for youth or teens, and which opportunities are group-friendly!

New This Year! All volunteers are eligible to receive an “I Volunteer” card, giving you access to discounts at Twin Cities businesses throughout the year. If you participate in an opportunity you find in the guide, email Rachel Jackelen (rachel@handsontwincities.org) and tell her about it! She’ll send you a card you can start using right away. For more information about “I Volunteer” cards, check http://www.handsontwincities.org/thankyou

Be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for information about additional ways to engage in your community throughout the year.

Happy Volunteering!


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