2014 Guide to Spring Volunteer Opportunities

Spring brings many wonderful things… chirping birds, growing flowers, and all the “stuff” that has been buried under the snow all winter. OK, that last one may not be so wonderful, but it gives us a great opportunity to work together to clean up our community. And while we’re at it, we can clean out our homes and find items to donate to those in need, too!


Download your copy of the 2014 Guide to Spring Volunteer Opportunities today to connect with opportunities throughout the community. You’ll find one-time and ongoing opportunities, special events, group projects, and much more. Whether you want to help seniors, youth, animals – or you want to do something at home – you’ll find a way to make an impact.

I Volunteer Card small for web

New This Year! All volunteers are eligible to receive an “I Volunteer” card, giving you access to discounts at Twin Cities businesses throughout the year. If you participate in an opportunity you find in the guide, email Rachel Jackelen (rachel@handsontwincities.org) and tell her what you did. She’ll send you a card you can start using right away! For more information about “I Volunteer” cards, check www.handsontwincities.org/thankyou

Download your copy of the Spring Guide here.

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