Youth Advisory Board Member Receives Leadership Award for Service Learning Work

Chetana photo

HandsOn Twin Cities Youth Advisory Board member Chetana Guthikonda recently received the Connecting With Kids student leadership award for her service and social entrepreneurship work. Stemming from her 10th grade Passion Project, a part of Edina High Schools’ curriculum combining independent study and service learning, Chetana designed and developed a prototype water filter in conjunction with Hyderabad Unlimited in India.

Chetana has brought that same passion for social entrepreneurship and international service work to the HandsOn Twin Cities Youth Advisory Board. As part of the YAB’s Global Youth Service Day efforts, Chetana is planning a project at her school to create Braille books, which will be donated to a home for the blind in New Delhi, India. Students in EHS’ special education program will write short story books, and will be translated into Braille by elementary school classes in the district.

Aligning with her commitment to making technology “simple, sustainable and affordable” for the developing world, Chetana has conceived a way to “print” the books using special tacks to create the bumps. Chetana’s innovative project idea involves youth voice and leadership at every level, including from youth who are not often asked to serve.

For more information on Chetana’s water filter project or the Connecting with Kids Student Leadership Award, please check out this article from EPS.

Please check our website for more information on the HandsOn Twin Cities Youth Advisory Board, or contact

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