Understanding Volunteer Recognition


Sometimes, a simple Thank You is enough.

Celebrating volunteers is a vital component of any volunteer program and meaningful appreciation is key for productive volunteer collaboration. In 2012, volunteers alone contributed 165.3 million hours and $3.7 billion worth of service to Minnesota’s economy according to the Corporation for National & Community Service. With an approximate 37% volunteer rate, the Twin Cities metro consistently ranks #1 among large metro markets in the nation as Minnesotans continue to devote their time to tutoring youth, distributing food and clothing, and volunteering in another hundred different ways.

These volunteers come together every day to build and shape the community, and with them they bring their own diverse stories, experiences and motivations. They volunteer because they find meaning in action, and they choose YOUR organization because they see the difference you make. They understand the value of the service you provide, and they want to add to that impact.


While many volunteers would still show up to make care packages and read to children whether they were recognized or not, offering a token of your thanks is one way to show them that you understand their value, as much as they understand yours.

How will you celebrate? National Volunteer Recognition Week is April 6-13, and we encourage you to celebrate your volunteers in whatever way will be the most meaningful for them. Whether you decide on ‘Thank You’ cards or go with the big banquet instead, showing your volunteers they are appreciated is important in order to retain their services and ensure they continue to feel their work with your organization is valid. Ultimately, it is up to the organization to convey that acknowledgement in whatever form they feel is appropriate.


At HOTC, we have developed a low-cost way for you to show your volunteers that you appreciate their efforts. With the gift of an “I Volunteer” card, you can make things a little easier for your volunteers, the way they have made things easier for you!

Local businesses are excited to honor volunteers by offering various discounts and special promotions to individuals that show their “I Volunteer” card at participating locations. A list of current offers and schedule of promotions can be found on our discounts page, which will be regularly updated as we add new partners throughout the year.

Interested? Visit our website for more details on pricing and to place an order for your volunteers. Contact Lorna Proctor at lorna@handsontwincities.org with questions.

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