Stocking, Walking and Setting up Art: Meet Xavier Arias



Xavier Arias is a regular volunteer at the HandsOn Twin Cities project Stock the Shelves. Below he tells a little more about why he volunteers. 

Tell us about the volunteer work you’ve been up to recently.
Besides volunteering at the Stock the Shelves project, I have found many other opportunities to be a part of:

  • Autism Walk: Promoting Autism awareness
  • Washburn Games: Encouraging young children to play sports and other outdoor activities for a healthier life.
  • The Mission Continues: On Veteran’s Weekend I helped paint a local school’s classrooms and hallways. 
  • Art Incognito: An art fundraiser with proceeds going to children affected by mental and physical abuse and homelessness.

What motivates you to volunteer?
Target encourages all team members in giving back to the community. This has inspired me to be involved in various projects. It’s fun and I get to meet people in the process.

Tell us about a meaningful or enjoyable memory from your volunteer work.
I think each volunteer opportunity has a great memory to remember it by. One of my favorite is when I was part of Art Incognito. I helped set up art, and other duties. It was fun just seeing the work of all these great artists. Most importantly this was for a great cause.

How has HandsOn Twin Cities helped you serve the community?
HandsOn Twin Cities offers a variety of projects. In a way that helps if you have a certain interest or hobby. There are always new people to meet and that inspires you to work in order to make an impact.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering?
I work at Target Corporation, so that takes the majority of my time. Besides work and volunteering, I enjoy going out with friends, working out and just exploring the city. 

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