It’s with mixed emotions that HOTC says goodbye to Abby Gaul today. While we will miss her energy, her positive spirit – and yes, her sense of humor – we are thrilled she is moving on to pursue her passion. Good luck, Abby – you’ll be missed!


After four years, two AmeriCorps terms, hundreds of volunteer projects, dozens of trips to Home Depot, three youth board terms, and exactly one project for which I ordered the perfect amount of mulch, my time here at HandsOn Twin Cities is coming to an end. As I provide my last youth volunteer referral and reorganize the storage room one final time, I can’t help feeling  a little nostalgic about my time here. I am truly grateful for all of the people who have made my first real job an energizing, productive, and joyful experience. I feel so fortunate to have worked in an environment in which my creativity was fostered and encouraged, my sense of humor was (at least somewhat) appreciated, and my work was acknowledged. I have been deeply humbled to learn how hard each individual in the nonprofit sector works to make this community a better place. I have met some outstanding people – including, especially, my colleagues at HandsOn.

Though my work here is done for now, I am relieved to hear Associate Director, Zeeda, repeat the mantra, “You can never really leave HandsOn”. I may challenge that in favor of a few weeks of rest, but I’m truly looking forward to continuing to volunteer and advocate for HandsOn as I move on. Colleagues, partners, friends, and followers, thank you so sincerely for making my years here ones that I will remember fondly and draw from frequently. I wish you all the best in your continued service to the community!


Abby Gaul

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