5 Reasons Why Family Service Matters


Today and tomorrow, we have a two-part guest post from Jenny Friedman, founder and executive director of Doing Good Together, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that empowers families to raise children who care and contribute. 

5 Reasons Why Family Service Matters

  1. It brings family members closer and can spark meaningful discussions about important issues.  
  2. It helps children appreciate their own talents, gain self-confidence, and feel good about making a contribution.  
  3. It helps break down stereotypes at a young age and teaches greater tolerance and understanding.
  4. It can help your kids stay out of trouble: Children who volunteer just one hour per week are less likely than other kids to get involved in destructive behaviors. Another bonus: Adults who volunteer are happier and healthier than those who don’t. 
  5. It breeds a generation of future volunteers.  Adults who volunteered as children are two times more likely to be involved in community service.  Those who volunteered as youth and whose parents volunteered are most generous of all.

For more information on how to volunteer as a family, explore www.doinggoodtogether.org

Want to learn more about developing family-friendly opportunities at your organization? Keep an eye out for part two of Jenny’s guest posts on family volunteering tomorrow!

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