And the Survey Says…

Each year we survey our nonprofit affiliate partners to gather their feedback on HandsOn programs. The survey also captures a great “snapshot” of our affiliates’ volunteer programs, needs and challenges. 2012 Affiliates who responded to the survey reported:

  • Recruiting volunteers as the biggest challenge (58%); managing and supervising volunteers as the next biggest challenge (48%)
  • More funds dedicated to the volunteer program was the top resource needed to do job more effectively (47%)
  • 76% said their volunteer program budget will remain the same this year
  • 44% indicated they have seen a greater demand in volunteers from the previous year

We hosted a new event in 2012, our first-ever Skills Based Summit, and were thrilled with the positive feedback we received about it. Many respondents commented that they really benefited from the event last November, and that it was a great opportunity for nonprofit staff to hear best practices from our corporate partners in the areas of communications, innovation, social media, finance, etc. We are excited to be able to offer the Summit again in 2013!

We also heard the need for more resources and training around HandsOn Connect, our online volunteer opportunity system.  In the coming months, we will be re-instituting monthly trainings for affiliates as well as provide regular “tech tips” in communications.

In an effort to capture the impact of volunteers and tell the story of how volunteers are making a true difference, we asked affiliates how they track the impact of volunteers on their programs/organizations.

Respondents reported: 

  • Feedback from volunteers, staff and clients (surveys, interviews)
  • Total number of volunteer hours
  • Total number of volunteers (individuals and groups)
  • Number of clients served by volunteers
  • Staff time (hours) freed by volunteers
  • Number of projects completed
  • Calculate value of volunteers hours using Independent Sector’s estimated dollar value per hour
  • Specific program goal totals (i.e. # of meals served, # of counseling session provided, etc.)
  • Stories, anecdotal information, narratives
  • Retention of volunteers

 As we look forward into 2013 and develop strategies to meet the needs of our affiliates, we will use this survey data to improve upon current services and develop new services/benefits such as new innovative training topics. We will also expand our promotion of community issues that affiliates focus on and how volunteers can assist in those efforts.

One affiliate responded: “Keep up the great work; you are a terrific and important organization in the Twin Cities.” We look forward to continuing to strengthen and grow our work with nonprofit partners. We appreciate all the feedback we received from this year’s survey and always welcome your input about HOTC’s services and work in the community.

To view the full 2012 survey summary download here.


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