The Blog is Back!

Welcome back to the HandsOn Twin Cities blog! We’re delighted you’re returning to the blogosphere with us and are excited to connect with new and old friends as we continue to build on the spirit of service here in the Twin Cities.

Since our last post, we’ve learned that the Twin Cities is the #1 most civically engaged metro in the nation (again!), hosted thousands of people at the Volunteer Expo, coordinated countless managed projects for corporate partners, provided workshops and trainings for our nonprofit friends, and brought together hundreds of community-minded individuals at our first-ever Summit.

In 2013, we’ll use the blog to keep you in the loop on all these opportunities, and many more! The blog will speak to all three of our audiences – nonprofit affiliate partners, the corporate community, and community volunteers – as we share opportunities, best practices, news and inspiration.

Like what you hear? Add us to your RSS feed, or give us a follow on Facebook or Twitter, where we’ll let you know when a new blog post is up.

Comments, ideas, or suggestions for topics you’d like to see us cover? Let us know! Leave a comment below, on social media, or email Rachel.

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