Spring into Action… Volunteer Action!

It’s finally April, and each year that means a lot for Minnesotans. April 1st rings the heralding bell that it is time to replace the snow shovel leaning against our garage with a charcoal grill. It means it’s time to put those cross country skis back under the bed and tune up our bicycles. It means it’s time to add ice to our coffee and bistro tables to our patios. But most importantly, it means it’s time to ditch the hibernation tactics we cold-weather country dwellers so often employ and get out and about! Spring is positively the best time in Minnesota to meet your neighbors, make new friends, to reach out beyond your realm of comfort and help others!

Here at HandsOn Twin Cities, we call April VOLUNTEER MONTH! We know these sunny early spring days fill your bodies with the energy and drive to get outside and to spread joy to others, so we’ve been hard at work providing LOTS of opportunities for you to do so all across the metro, all month long! Check out our website here to find a volunteer opportunity near you!

Let us know what you’re doing this spring to make the Twin Cities a better place for all!

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